Water Management

Bespoke Utility Solutions has experience advising businesses in Scotland contract for water supply and waste water services. In April 2017, the market for water services in England was deregulated and we have extend our water procurement advice to businesses based in England from this date.

Prior to discussing water supply and waste water service contracts, we advise businesses to take steps too ready themselves, advising they take the following actions:

  • Review their existing arrangements
  • Correct any irregularities
  • Review water usage and identify cost saving opportunities

We estimate over 25% of our client base has been incorrectly charged for an element of their water services. Correcting this has two important benefits; firstly, many clients are eligible and have successfully claimed refunds totalling thousands of pounds, and secondly, when time comes to consider switching supplier, they can be sure suppliers are quoting based on accurate data. The detailed paper based and on-site review of water usage, waste and drainage, is a specialist function. As such, at BUSL, we use specialist third party providers with vast experience and a track record of success in this sector. A comprehensive water audit will cover water usage, waste, and drainage.

The benefits of a water audit to correct any irregularities has been well received by clients. The initial review can be undertaken with as little as 12 months of historic bills, a signed letter of authority, and the completion of a short survey which takes as little as 10-15 minutes.

Water usage

Leaks can be costly, inflating water bills, but the key is to identify where the leak occurs and to fix it. If a leak occurs after the meter point, then it’s the business that pays for this wastage, therefore, the identification of a leak is key and out partners have years of experience to do just that. Often they can identify the location of a leak without disrupting the operations of a business, and where gadgets are concerned, our preferred engineers are second to none, with some of the most expensive and coolest kit around.

The location and type of meter fitted can have a large bearing on aspects such as standing and loading charges. Ensuring these are appropriate for the business type and its consumption is key. We’ve seen examples where this simple review has saved businesses tens of thousands of pounds in annual running costs.


Each business is unique in terms of business premises and drainage facilities. A good example is a golf course client we supported. Charges for drainage was based on historic square footage of the land belonging to the Club. Savings were possible owing to an incorrect assumption of the chargeable area, with bills corrected for the correct area of the site that was in-use and because much of the surface water did not enter a public sewer.


In domestic cases this is known as sewerage and the potential for cost savings is limited. However, business waste, known as trade effluent, varies with regards to the type of waste and strength. There’s a fabulous formula used by many water companies but we won’t bore you with this. Opportunity comes from understanding how and when samples are taken, and understanding the business operations to ensure the assumptions made in these formulas are sensible.

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