Utility Procurement Made Simple

Putting it simply, our team of utility experts advise businesses on gas, electric, and water contracts. Here are the three key reasons why you should use Bespoke Utility Soluitons for Utility Procurement:

  • Time saving

    Contracting for gas, electric, and water takes time. Whether a large or small cost for your business, you want to ensure you’re getting the best terms possible. But there’s a large number of factors that first need to be assessed; the amount of energy historically used, the consumption profile, business planning and potential changes in consumption patterns, the meter type, and if environmental standards are a consideration. This is before considering contract options such as fixed and flexible, and contract lengths. At Bespoke Utility Solutions we expertly assess and help clients navigate through this complexity, saving time while advising on the right contract for their business.

    We also help big businesses with dedicated procurement and contracting teams. We’ve supported experienced clients ratify their contract type and tariff structure are appropriate, and we’ve helped them tender or assess the whole-of-market to ensue they’re getting the best deal available.

  • Advice that’s bespoke to you and your business

    Good advice isn’t just about presenting the lowest headline unit rate. It starts long before this. At Bespoke Utility Solutions we ascertain what’s important to the client and assess all available options. We then present this information in a clear and simple manner, taking time to explain key aspects that have led to our final recommendation.

    Utility contracts have detailed terms and conditions and can use differing terminology for key aspects. When providing cost comparisons, we explain how various components such as; standing charges, pass-through costs including climate change levy’s, and applicable VAT rates, all add-up.

    Each client is unique and we ensure our advice meets these unique needs. In addition, we take time to ensure clients understand the contract recommendations we’ve presented. And our advice doesn’t stop there. We can talk through the switch process if there’s a change in supplier and monitor meter readings and costs to validate bills and realign direct debit charges where required, providing valued on-going advice.

  • It’s personal!

    At Bespoke Utility Solutions we have very clever systems and processes to support our analysis and advice, but the greatest asset we have is us. As a client you get to speak with and interact with a named individual. It’s reassuring to know that when you’ve invested time talking about your business and your needs, the same person will be there to support you through each stage of the advice and contracting process. There’s even pictures of us and brief biographies including details of what makes us tick on the Contact Us section if you want to get know more about us.

What does good advice look like?

Good advice is valued by clients.

Good advice doesn’t need to be complex. It can be as simple as helping diarise a contract termination notice date, advising clients they’ll automatically be rolled onto a standard variable tariff, often a severely penal rate, unless they take action before this important date.

We treat all clients, regardless of size and sector, in the same professional manner. Providing a personal advice service that’s valued by clients.

What’s happening with the water market?

In April 2017, the water market in England is due to be deregulated. Previously only businesses with annual usage exceeding 50 million cubic meters were able to negotiate with water suppliers. From this date all businesses* will be able to review their water suppliers and waste water services with the potential to switch in search of cost savings or based on factors such as service.

Bespoke Utility Solutions can support contracting for water services and, in advance of April 2017, we have experience supporting businesses to ready themselves; reviewing existing arrangement, correcting irregularities, and reviewing water usage to identify cost savings.

*The ability to switch provider is dependent upon premises being designated as primarily used for business purposes. The water market has been deregulated in Scotland since 2008, and is unchanged in Wales and Northern Ireland.

How can you find out more?

Speaking with us is the best way to find out more. You can either complete the below contact form or pick up the phone and speak with us directly. Either way we look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to find out more from an impartial body, we recommend reviewing Ofgem and Ofwat sites as regulators for the energy and water markets respectively. Ofgem also have a handy consumer advice leaflet and we’re confident we act in the spirit of the principles and behaviours they set out.

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