Bespoke Utility Solutions: Our Partner Model

Bespoke Utility Solutions client base is growing at pace, driven by referrals. In addition to clients, our unique Partner model provides a national network of advocates for Bespoke Utility Solutions. Partners like what we do; the services provided, and how we operate. All we ask is when Partners come across businesses with a need for our services, they recommend the services we offer and enact an introduction to us.

Once an introduction is made to Bespoke Utility Solutions, we provide the highest level of professional and personal service expected with the intention of that introduction becoming a long-standing client.

Once an introduction is made we keep Partners updated to notify when we’ve made contact and if we can support them with advice that results in them becoming a client.

We’re keen to acknowledge the value of referrals and Partners are remunerated for the provision of each unique qualifying referral and where we successfully contract for utility procurement and water management services, as prescribed in our terms and conditions. Our comprehensive ‘Partner Welcome Pack’ outlines the services we provide, our advice model, how the Partner model works, and the terms and conditions.

How do I become a Partner?

As a fast growing business, we’re actively seeking new individuals and professional firms to act as Partners for Bespoke Utility Solutions.

There’s no job description or list of qualifying criteria because all our Partners are unique. All we ask is that Partners believe in what Bespoke Utility Solutions do, that they act with integrity, and in a professional manner at all times. In return we support all Partners with the knowledge to make referrals in confidence. Together we can make Bespoke Utility Solutions the number one provider of advice for utilities to businesses in the British Isles.

Sign up as Partner

Please send your name and contact details and a CV via the form below, or alternatively to