Ensuring a business remains compliant with increasingly complex legislation is critical to businesses. Increasingly standards and demands of businesses are being raised by regulatory bodies and policy makers. At Bespoke Utility Solutions we can talk you through which regulations are applicable to your business, and support you meet these standards. For example, the need for commercial premises to meet minimum energy performance standards from April 2018.

It would be wrong to assume compliance infers a cost on all business. The P272 directive, changes how business energy usage is metered and billed. Electricity meters with a 05 to 08 profile will automatically have consumption read on a half hourly basis by April 2017. Supplier are responsible for enacting this change but Bespoke Utility Solutions advises how this change will impact upon each clients’ contracting options. For some this change will have a negative impact, with the consequence of rates rising in the short-term owing to a perceived lack of data, however, if managed appropriately, the data can support advising an appropriate contract type.

Energy Audits

An audit is the inspection of a business’ accounts. An energy audit is also an inspection. We inspect bills, validating all aspects such as VAT rates, direct debit values and other elements are appropriate and meet the profile and needs of clients. We can also inspect a business’ premises, reviewing aspects of electricity and gas consumption that can be improved.

The purpose of an energy audit is to identify opportunities for clients to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Like all our advice, it needs to meet the needs of the business and we only consider solutions where the cost benefits make sense.

Technology Solutions

Whether replacing old appliances, taking control of your energy fuel mix, or generating your own energy, there’s a technology solution available.

When assessing these options businesses should consider if they have the time and resource to thoroughly assess all options and oversee the installation. Cost and financing options are often key determinants but you should look at all costs, including costs of time, covering installation and maintenance aspects. Equally the manufacturer, service options, and experience of the project manager are crucial.

Bespoke Utility Solutions can recommend trusted third parties to carry out a comprehensive assessment, installation and maintenance.

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